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  • vita good is dedicated to providing audiences the information they want in an approachable, entertaining way. Our readers have a variety of interests, and as a lifestyle site we strive to reflect this by covering a wide-range of subjects. We want you to save time and live more, so we closely follow, research, and write about topics to bring you the most up-to-date guides, reviews, lists, and advice.

Meet our Leadership Team

Damien Hoffman

Damien Hoffman, CEO & Co-Chairman

Get to know our CEO &
Co-Chairman, Damien Hoffman

Damien Hoffman | CEO & Co-Chairman: After graduating early with honors from Duke University, Damien raised private equity with friends during the late Nineties to launch a successful start-up. He went on to work for boutique sports investment bank Inner Circle LLP, where he worked on the sale of the NBA franchise New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn real estate development firm Forest City Ratner Companies. Damien also graduated with honors from the University of Miami School of Law as a Dean’s Merit Scholar. He clerked at the Florida Supreme Court for the Honorable Justice Kenneth Bell and Central Staff. Damien appears on Yahoo! Finance, Fox Business Network, and has spoken at elite institutions such as Harvard and Duke.

Derek Hoffman

Derek Hoffman, President & Co-Chairman

Get to know our President &
Co-Chairman, Derek Hoffman

Derek Hoffman | President & Co-Chairman: Derek is a regular contributor to CNNMoney. In 2012, Forbes named him #1 on their list of Top 10 Social Media Influencers on Wall Street. Derek has handled media investment and tactical strategy planning for Procter & Gamble and Gillette’s national asset portfolio. He has also worked in private wealth management for Morgan Stanley. Derek graduated early from the University of Michigan’s world-class economics department.

Tracy Sigler

Tracy Sigler, COO

Get to know our COO,
Tracy Sigler

Tracy Sigler | COO: Tracy is a veteran of several start-ups including the popular financial media company The Motley Fool, where he worked for eight years in a variety of roles. As Vice President of Web Operations, he and his team were responsible for the performance and profitability of Fool.com.

Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin, CFO

Get to know our CFO,
Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin | CFO: After graduating in accounting from Emory University in Atlanta Georgia and receiving her CPA license, Sarah worked at Ernst and Young where she had the pleasure of learning and helping small Angel and VC backed companies grow and prosper all the way to several IPO's. She then took to her own entrepreneurial heart and became the CFO of a small diagnostic healthcare laboratory where she provided strategic financial leadership helping the company to quadruple revenue, increase profitability and complete several acquisitions resulting in a significant increase in shareholder value and successful sale transaction. Ultimately, the entrepreneur in Sarah was drawn to vita good, where she oversees all financial aspects of the company.

Meridith Burrows

Meridith Burrows, CPO

Get to know our CPO,
Meridith Burrows

Meridith Burrows | CPO: Meridith's favorite part of all of her previous jobs has always been helping her coworkers figure out their career paths. Finally, she decided to turn that passion for people into her own career in HR. She loves the unique challenge of running HR and perfecting vita good culture in a completely virtual workplace. Meridith loves the work she does and feels lucky to be responsible for making sure everyone at our company loves their job too! Meridith holds a business degree from Tulane University and law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her amazing husband and two wonderful daughters, preferably somewhere outdoors in nature.

Meet Our Team

  • Tyler Adair

    Tyler Adair

    Headline Production Editor

    When I'm not obsessing over SEO strategies, you can find me in the woods, hiking with my dogs and searching for the next IPA to drink
  • Umer Akhtar

    Umer Akhtar

    Newsroom Admin

    I manage admin and support, and I'm so dedicated to my job that I think we should have a presence on Mars, too. (There is actual water flowing now!)
  • Nate Arnold

    Nate Arnold

    GM of Audience Development

    I'm an amateur gardener who likes to waste his time tending a small vegetable garden that is regularly harvested by the local deer population.
  • Patrick Barratt

    Patrick Barratt

    Product Manager

    I'm passionate about solving problems with software to improve people's lives, but above all, I love good beer after long hikes.
  • Jessica Barrett

    Jessica Barrett

    People Ops Manager

    I thrive on making strong connections with people of all backgrounds, baking vegan cookies and exploring the mountains in CO!
  • Karen Bennett

    Karen Bennett

    Money & Career Writer

    When I'm not writing trending news stories, you'll find me cooking, reading, exercising, going to my kids' soccer games, and drinking lots of coffee.
  • Ashley Betances

    Ashley Betances

    Media Buyer

    I'm a media buyer who enjoys cooking vegan food, hiking every week, and photography.
  • Becca Bleznak

    Becca Bleznak

    Associate Editor

    Just your average wanna-be superhero who dresses like Jessica Jones, cracks witticisms like Veronica Mars, and (wishes she could) kick butt like Buffy Summers. I write and edit by day, and watch inordinate amounts of TV by night.
  • Emma Bleznak

    Emma Bleznak

    Lifestyle Writer

    I write about health and fitness while attempting to stay healthy and fit. I run on coffee, bad dad jokes, and occasionally my own two feet. In my spare time I'm probably looking up Millennium Dance Complex videos and new ways to make potatoes.
  • Tommy Bolger

    Tommy Bolger

    Web Developer

    I enjoy the complex puzzles of programming, the challenge of video games, and the worldly experience of other cultures.
  • Jess Bolluyt

    Jess Bolluyt

    Senior Writer

    If I'm not reading or writing about the latest in tech, you can find me exploring small Southern towns or watering my jungle of houseplants.
  • Glenda Bucy

    Glenda Bucy

    Accounting Manager

    After a day of counting beans and looking for the missing penny, you can find me on my Harley searching for the perfect winding road.
  • Meridith Burrows

    Meridith Burrows


    When I'm not optimizing our awesome company culture, I'm creating one at home with my two little girls!
  • Evie Carrick

    Evie Carrick

    Health & Fitness Senior Editor

    I'm a grammar and spelling fanatic, who enjoys skiing, yoga, and fat cats.
  • Colleen Casey

    Colleen Casey

    Business Analyst

    I'm a research addict who is allergic to cold weather, loves photography, and believes the best experiments involve baking.
  • Mary Daly

    Mary Daly

    Money & Career Associate Editor

    When I'm not fighting the good grammar fight I'm probably playing fetch with my dogs, watching hockey, or trying to figure out my next DIY project.
  • Ryan Davis

    Ryan Davis

    Lifestyle Writer

    I love watching and writing about sports. Other passions include Star Wars, labor rights, reading, and The Simpsons.
  • Bridget DeMeis

    Bridget DeMeis

    AOL Channel Manager

    I'm a grammar nerd with a penchant for wearing silly t-shirts and going to concerts.
  • Yelena Dolgoplosk

    Yelena Dolgoplosk

    VP of Monetization

    I enjoy working with numbers but outside of work I avoid them as much as possible,you'll never see me counting calories or balancing the checkbook.
  • Meg Dowell

    Meg Dowell

    Health & Fitness Writer

    I'm extremely passionate about nutrition, health and fitness, but I'm also a huge sci-fi nerd - Star Wars and Marvel consume about 70 percent of my free time.
  • Chelsea Dreher

    Chelsea Dreher

    Lifestyle Writer

    My three cats, black coffee, and constantly redesigning my home based off of Pinterest photos make my world go 'round.
  • Megan Elliott

    Megan Elliott

    Money & Career Senior Editor

    When I'm not writing, I enjoy cooking, yoga, and reading. I also collect vinyl records and am eagerly awaiting the Twin Peaks reboot.
  • Carlos Estevez

    Carlos Estevez

    Full Stack Developer

    I'm an engineer, and I've loved building things for as long as I can remember. I really enjoy hiking, hot yoga, and vegan food. When we're not working, my wife and I love to read and take long walks.
  • Xiangyu Fan

    Xiangyu Fan

    Quantative Analyst

    When I'm not coding, exercising, or surfing the web, you can find me at my local Starbucks or cinema.
  • Phillip Francis

    Phillip Francis

    Lifestyle Writer

    I love working in an exciting environment. When I am not working I like spending time with my family.
  • Kelsey Goeres

    Kelsey Goeres

    Lifestyle Writer

    Writer by day, comedic improvisor by night- like Superman but with no powers and more jokes.
  • Chelena Goldman

    Chelena Goldman

    Health & Fitness Writer

    Retired dancer and chocaholic, critiquing the in-arena music one hockey frame at a time.
  • Lauren Hamer

    Lauren Hamer

    Money & Career Writer

    Nerdy about all things career and finance. When I'm not writing or blogging, you may find me hiding in the NC mountains trying to lose my WiFi signal.
  • Amanda Harding

    Amanda Harding

    Culture Writer

    I'm copywriter by day and a super mommy by night. In my three minutes of downtime, you’ll find me reading library books, experimenting with Paleo cupcake recipes, silently correcting other people’s grammar, obsessing over real estate, and laughing at my own jokes.
  • Ali Harrison

    Ali Harrison

    Engagement Editor

    Whether I'm editing content for vita good, hiking the Rocky Mountains, or making the perfect G&T, I pay attention to the details.
  • Mitch Johnson

    Mitch Johnson

    QA Developer

    I love learning by taking things apart, computers, nerfguns, cars. Im an 80's kid, I like scifi/fantasy games and books. I enjoy the details of crafting and working with software.
  • Michelle Kapusta

    Michelle Kapusta

    Celebrity Writer

    Bio: I love covering celebrity news and I'm an avid sports fan. When I am not busy writing about the stars, I enjoy watching and cheering on my favorite Philly sports teams.
  • Mandi Kerr

    Mandi Kerr

    Lifestyle Writer

    Pop culture junkie. Copious note taker. Chocolate addict.
  • Hunter Lott

    Hunter Lott

    Director of Organic Search

    Surf. Skate. Sail. Music. Grill. SEO. Travel. Friends. Family. Not in order.
  • Tristan McGowan

    Tristan McGowan

    Full Stack Developer

    I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and the next big challenge. You can usually find me at a family event with a technical book, or tinkering with some idea I have.
  • Eric McWhinnie

    Eric McWhinnie

    Editorial Director

    I'm passionate about all things related to money. When I'm not writing, I'm quoting lines from Seinfeld and yada yada yada.
  • Asad Mirza

    Asad Mirza

    Newsroom Admin

    My daily routine: Get up, be awesome, and go back to bed. Please take me as I am, or watch me as I go.
  • Nicole Moore

    Nicole Moore

    Image Associate Editor

    I'm a travel addict who loves reading a good book with a great cup of coffee.
  • Nikelle Murphy

    Nikelle Murphy

    Managing Editor

    I'm a writer and editor who's nerdy about words, a sucker for Sour Patch Watermelon candy, and a recent California transplant.
  • Sheiresa Ngo

    Sheiresa Ngo

    Money, Career & Health Writer

    When I'm not writing about personal finance or lifestyle, I'm thinking about where I'm going to get my next cup of coffee.
  • Liliana Nishihira

    Liliana Nishihira

    Ad Operations Analyst

    I'm a math nerd, I live to eat and I try to go to the museum as often as possible.
  • Aris Ordonez

    Aris Ordonez

    Front-End Engineer

    When I'm AFK (Away From Keyboard), I resume the role of Master Yoda to my two little Jedi Knights.
  • Trisha Phillips

    Trisha Phillips

    Lifestyle Writer

    I'm guided by the seasons through adventures with friends from all different walks of life. I love good wine, good food, and new experiences.
  • Julie Peirano

    Julie Peirano

    Culture Writer

    When I'm not writing about the latest in health & fitness, you can find me playing in the mountains and on the rivers of SW Colorado.
  • Jessie Quinn

    Jessie Quinn

    Style + Beauty Writer

    I'm a skin care-obsessed beauty and style writer, who will gladly talk your ear off about sun protection.
  • Gina Ragusa

    Gina Ragusa

    Lifestyle Writer

    When I'm not wrangling dogs or running, I'm running after dogs and trying to find slick ways to save some cash. To spend on the dogs.
  • Michelle Regalado

    Michelle Regalado

    Entertainment Senior Editor

    I'm an entertainment news junkie who can usually be found drinking coffee and hanging with my dog, Lola.
  • Dan Ritter

    Dan Ritter

    VP of Product

    I like to find what's broken and fix it, including (but not limited to) typos, furniture, and beer menus.
  • Andres Rivas

    Andres Rivas

    Director of Technology

    I am an applications developer that loves to tinker with new technologies and think of ways to apply technology that will foster overall growth while bringing balance to the Force.
  • Jason Rossi

    Jason Rossi

    Lifestyle Writer

    Husband, father. Sandwich artist, burger maestro. Cooking and golf are the same to me – I love both but am not good at either. Yes, I will see High on Fire with you.
  • Derek Sapienza

    Derek Sapienza

    Associate Editor

    I love cars, art, music, and baseball. Other than that, I'm an incredibly boring person.
  • Eric Schaal

    Eric Schaal

    Sports Writer

    I'm obsessed with baseball and finding ways to waste less (hence the electric car beat), but a perfect morning at the beach usually makes me forget everything.
  • Lizz Schumer

    Lizz Schumer

    Lifestyle Writer

    I'm a writer with strong opinions about the Oxford comma and a slight obsession with my rescue pit bull, Jerry.
  • Barri Segal

    Barri Segal

    Lifestyle Writer

    When I'm not writing culture or money pieces I'm sucking up culture and spending money.
  • Oben Tataw

    Oben Tataw

    Back-End Developer

    I love solving practical, real world problems, especially problems with a larger positive social impact.
  • Aramide Tinubu

    Aramide Tinubu

    Celebrity Writer

    When I'm not reviewing films and TV shows, I'm usually eating or reading something super embarrassing on my Kindle.
  • Jacquie Treboschi

    Jacquie Treboschi

    Culture Senior Editor

    I'm a self-proclaimed literature junkie with a penchant for vinyl records, dry humor, and all things French.
  • Dustin Weaver

    Dustin Weaver

    Front-End/Ad-Tech Engineer

    I love building software for a living but my free time is dedicated to my wife and son. They make my world go-round and keep me on my toes!
  • Nicole Weaver

    Nicole Weaver

    Celebrity Writer

    I strive to be Beyoncé therefore I write about her and her world as a celebrity writer.
  • Lauren Weiler

    Lauren Weiler

    Associate Editor

    My life would be incomplete without editing, writing health articles, and swinging from the aerial silks at my local circus gym.
  • Jessica Wick

    Jessica Wick

    Lifestyle Writer

    When I'm not writing and researching all things Lifestyle, you can typically find me at the hot yoga studio, at happy hour with my friends, listening to or discussing nearly all genres of music, or traveling with my sweet, brilliant little girl.
  • John Wolfe

    John Wolfe

    Associate Editor

    If I'm not editing, I'm running a D&D game, looking for a cheap flight, or fencing.
  • Kirsten Yovino

    Kirsten Yovino

    Director of Operations

    When I'm not researching, writing, and editing all things related to health, food, and style, I'm usually reading, running, or baking.

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