Flora Flor-Essence® Нежная детоксикация для всего тела - 32 жидких унций

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Flora Flor-Essence® Gentle Detox For The Whole Body Description
  • Non-GMO Certified
  • Gentle Detox for the Whole Body.
  • Made with Organic Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel & Slippery Elm Bark
  • 97% Organic Ingredients
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Purifies the blood, kidneys, liver, lungs, colon & deepest cells.

Elaine Alexander, the late Canadian health researcher and radio producer/broadcaster, collaborated exclusively with Flora to produce Flor-Essence®. This purification tea was entrusted to Elaine by Dr. Charles Brusch, M.D., personal physician to the late President John F. Kennedy. Dr. Brusch was a partner in research and co-owner with the famous Canadian nurse Rene Caisse in perfecting this formula at his Cambridge, Massachusetts clinic.


Flor*Essence® supports the whole body in its natural elimination process.  Flor*Essence® is the only product on the market authorized to carry Elaine's signature on the packaging to vouch for its historical authenticity.


Shake bottle well. Measure 2 oz. of tea and dilute with 2 oz or more of purified hot water. Take on an empty stomach preferably 1/2 hour before eating in the morning and at bedtime. Sip slowly. For extra strength: Take 3 times daily.

Shake the Flor*Essence® liquid well before use.  After oppening, KEEP REFRIGERATED and USE WITHIN 3 WEEKS.

Free Of GMO,

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.