Миколмед - Масляный бальзам против грибка на ногах и ногтях 50 мл

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50 мл
Eugenia caryophyllus oil, Tocopherol
Fungus skin and nails are a common problem especially in the legs. Essential oils birch bark in connection with other forms suitable combination of penetrating with evening primrose oil to the diseased skin. Mykolmed is an aromatherapy oil for treating sites attacked by fungi with rapid and sustained efficacy for all ages. Use of Mykolmed their removal is prolonged, because vegetable oils are used for combating them very successful.
For external use only. Dermatologically tested. Without the preservation and without perfumes. It contains organic ingredients.
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Тип кожи
Способ применения
Rub into the skin at affected areas 1-2 times a day. Do not use near eyes, mucous membranes or open wounds. The product has a strong characteristic tar odor, which, however, disappears relatively quickly. After application, always cover the affected area with clean and ironed clothing (gloves, socks, etc.). The product can be a suitable supplement for the treatment of various dermatitis, eczema, dandruff in hairy parts of the skin, allergic skin reactions. In case of foot mold, do not forget to disinfect the shoes with the product Mykolmed - spray against mold on feet and nails 50 ml which you can also apply directly to your feet during the day through socks or stockings. It can also treat other contaminated areas. Regularly disinfect your home shoes and store them separately, do not lend it to anyone, and always bring your own shoes for visits. Store the laundry separately and also wash it separately. Do not go to bed without the affected area covered with ironed clothes and treated with Mykolmed.


Миколмед - масляный бальзам против грибка на ногах и ногтях - уникальный продукт исключительного качества, изготовленный исключительно из натуральных компонентов. Он предназначен для ухода за кожей, склонной к грибковым заболеваниям.