Stay on Your Side of the Web.

We have all been told during our own lives that communication is the secret to making connections work. And while that is a wonderful opinion and certainly accurate, it is not all that useful in knowing what we may do differently to enhance our relationships with the people we interact with everyday. I have been spending a great deal of time recently running trainings for startup leaders at the nuts and bolts of leadership and direction (in character, Startup Leadership 101). Among those theories that appears to create the largest differences for group members to get together and operate well together is your notion of 'Staying on Your Side of the Web'. I first discovered this notion from Stanford's Interpersonal Dynamics (AKA Touchy-Feely) course and though the concept may seem squishy, the results are anything but. A Great Chin.

This afternoon, I randomly matched an undefeated Welterweight boxer named Karim "Hard Hitta" Mayfield in a yoga course at San Francisco. Karim is 15-0-1 using 9 workouts. We began talking, and I asked him if the trick to winning spells was ability, endurance or strength. He said endurance drops more than strength and skill, but another component that actually matters is "a great chin." Six Questions Each Startup Need Answer. I just finished reading a few of the very pragmatic and thoughtful novels I have ever read about construction businesses (and I have read several). It is called The Benefit: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Company. In it, writer Patrick Lencioni explains a company as healthful "when it is complete, complete and consistent; when its direction, operations, culture and strategy fit together and make sense." Healthy associations have "minimal confusion and politics, high levels of productivity and morale, and quite low turnover among great workers." He points out that many organizations are far too focused on being clever, and not practically concentrated enough on becoming healthy. In his words, Organizational Health is "over a side dish or taste enhancer for the true meat and potatoes of industry, it's the very plate where the sausage and meat sit." Read the rest of this entry "